Feel closer to your ancestors as you create and trace your own family tree!

I encourage you to set up a free account on www.familysearch.org   - everything on this site is free and there are family history centres all over the world where you can visit and get further advice and help to research your family tree. 

(Visit this page for more details.)


Step 1

Gather as much information about your family members as possible - names, dates, places.  Ask relatives about them and look for documents, photographs, letters of them.  

Tips to get you started on your family tree

(Youtube video explaining what kind of information you need and why when you begin researching your family tree)

Step 2

Record all the information you find on an internet family tree site.  I highly recommend www.familysearch.org as you can record your family tree and research records for free.

How to build your family tree on FamilySearch

(Youtube video explaining how to add family members to your FamilySearch tree)

Step 3

Research records (census, birth, marriage, death etc) to find proof of your ancestors.  ALWAYS attach these records to your family tree to prove their accuracy.

(A fantastic free website listing the places you can look for records of your ancestors)

Step 4

Record memories, photographs and stories about your ancestors.  Your family history is not just about the names and dates, but what people did with their lives between those dates.

Adding memories in FamilySearch

(Youtube video explaining how to add these precious memories to your family tree for future generations to enjoy)

Step 5

Repeat the process!  Use your new skills to help others trace their family tree or maybe get involved in indexing - making government and church records accessible for all!

Indexing is Vital for Research

Indexing Tutorial Playlist

I also offer free classes on the first Tuesday of every month, in Carnwath South Lanarkshire, from 1 - 3pm showing you how to grow your family tree! 

Email me at odysseyfamilytree@gmail.com to book a seat!

Further help available

If you can't find the information you are looking for, I charge £5 to find specific information (such as a marriage, death date, maiden name etc)

I charge £15 for names, birth dates and places for 1 family group (parents and children) including death dates for the parents.



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